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The Auto Target ® system

AUTO TARGET® Handy Typ VP 3 und VP 4

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Handy to select the individual shooting distance and to start the target carrier.

Typ VP3 is equiped with 3 preset stops and typ VP4
with 4 preset stops.

In additon each handy has a various programm switch for free selection of individual training- and shoot distances.

Depending on model and length of the shooting range any meter up to 99 m is selectable.

The return-button allows the shooter to bring back the target carrier.

The 7-segment-displays show the selected distance in three digits and the travelled meters in two digits.
(typ VP 4 each 3-digits)

Dimensions: 103x167x37mm, 2m plug-in connectingcable.

Frequency controller

Special high power inverter for variable control of the motor revolutions from zero.

Realises a high conveyance speed, up to 6m/sec.
Adjustable start-up and braking speed supports optimum run and brake behaviour of the target carrier.

The controller also attends powercontrol of the Auto Target handy and provides input of motor, resolver and endswitch.

Powerinput: 220 Volt, max. 3 Amp., 2m cable,
1 powerpoint per unit, fuse 16A slow.
Dimension: 103x167x219mm, PVC box, Din IP 54,*



Electronic distance-meter, measuringwheel with electronic
reader, digitaly counts the travelled distance.

The resolving capacity for this application is 10 cm.
Infrared or electronic-magnetic readers, with double receiver / transmitter.

This type of attechment prevents air turbulences during transport. Measuring is done in both running directions.
60 cm plug-in connection wire.


The start- and stopposition of the target carrier, in front of
the shooter, is fixed by placing the end switch,

it is also used to reset the electronic controller and to switch off the motor.

Standard model with switchblade.

Conneting: 24 Volt, (already supplied in inverterbox)
60 cm wire including cableconnectors.


Three-phase asynchronemotor

1395 rpm, 0,55 Kw, 230 / 400 Volt, 50 Hz,

typ B3 - IEC 80, 19 mm shaft for direct-drive.

power schematic of the inverter

Power schematic of the inverter.
The large power capacitor of 500 uF causes a high start-up current.

This indeed become limited, by the NTC of 2.5 ohm,
but nevertheless no more than
3 installations can be plugged to
1 slow fuse of 16Amp.

After the short start-up peak the power is limited on 2 Amp.
per lane by the torque control unit.


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